Removing Red Eye

There is nothing worse than finding out that a great photo you have taken of someone comes out with red eyes. No problem if you have Paint Shop Pro 9. The fix is quick and simple and you will be amazed at the quick results. First open the photo you want to edit. The photo I will be using was found online (credits for image belong to Rob Wells part of the 13 dots Team) and is shown below:

Make sure the image has no selections. If necessary, choose Selections>Select None. The Red-Eye Removal command is not available if the image contains selections.

Go to Adjust>Photo Fix>Red Eye Removal:

In the right preview window, center the red eyes. Pan the image by clicking and dragging in the preview window; zoom in or out as necessary. Note: You must use the right preview window for panning the image because you select the subject's eyes in the left preview window.

From the Method drop-down list, select Auto Human Eye. In the left preview window click anywhere inside the red area to select the eye automatically. Notice the box that appears around the eye below and in the right window it shows the eye corrected. The right window displays the corrected eye. Make sure the selection is positioned and sized properly over the red area of the eye. To move the selection, drag it to a new location or size it till you get it the way you want it to look.

Play with the other settings in the red eye removal and watch what the correction looks like in the right preview window. When you get the eyes the way you want them, click OK to close the Red Eye Removal dialog box. My corrected photo is shown below: