Using Selections to Create a Quick Frame

I am going to use the same puppy picture I used in the creating frames with borders. It is shown below:

Open this picture or a picture of your choice in PSP. Then from the Toolbar select the Selection tool:

Activate the Rectangle selection shape by dropping down the menu and selecting it. It is the default selection tool so you might not need to dropdown the menu. Because I used the magic wand tool last, it is the one that is displayed on my toolbar. We are aiming to draw a rectangle selection around the edge of the image - position your curser somewhere on the top left of the image, and start to draw the square selection.

Once you have applied your selection it can be repositioned, select the Mover tool right-click then drag the selection to its new position.

From the top menu select, ‘Selections’ then select ‘Invert’. This will let PSP know that you want it to concentrate on the outside of the selections as opposed to the inside. You should now have two sets of marching ants as shown below:

Now apply a Drop Shadow and/or an Inner Bevel to complete the effect, then select ‘Selections’ then ‘Select None’ and your quick frame is complete. This is the frame effect I got using both a drop shadow and an inner bevel.