Animated SnowGlobe

For this tutorial you will need the following picture tubes. Open them in PSP, then click File || Export || Picture Tube. This will place these pictures in your tube folder.

You will also need a photo, you may use this one for this tutorial if you wish. It is a picture of my lab puppy Cracker.

Save the picture above to your working folder. Open it in Paint Shop Pro. When I use a picture I always make a copy of it and work off of the copy. With picture activated, it will be "Blue" at the top, Use your keyboard and press the "shift key" and then the "D" key. Release both buttons and you will then have a copy of your picture. You wont need the original picture in PSP go ahead and just close it.

With copy activated make sure that the picture is set for (16 million colors 24 bit). You can check this by going to "Image" from your tool bar and then to "Increase Color Depth." If the option is greyed out, then the picture is set to that resolution.

You will need to make a new layer, from the tool bar select "Layer" then "New Raster Layer." Name it Globe, then click "OK.
Now Select the Picture Tube icon from your tool bar. From your tool options dialog box choose your snowglobeblue tube, the scale of 100 should be alright, if using another picture you might need to adjust the scale size. Place the picture tube on your photo and use the mover tool to adjust the placement of your tube on the photo. Yours should look something like this:

Select the Magic Wand from your tool bar with the following setting:
Feather: 0
Tolerance: 10
Match mode: RGB value
Now click on the background area of your photo, outside of the globe area, you should now see the "Marching Ants."

Then go to Selections, Invert. Now the "Marching Ants" are only surrounding the globe.

Next, click on Selections || Modify || Contract: 2.

Select Layers || Merge || Merge all flatten.

Now select Edit || Copy then Edit || Paste as new image. You should now just have the head and the globe on the new image.

Now go to Image || Canvas size and change the canvas size to 300 x 300 pixels.

Take your mover tool and place the globe at the top of the new image.

Make a new Raster Layer and name it base. This is where we will place the base of the globe.

Select the Picture Tube icon from your tool bar and select the base you saved to your picture tube folder earlier. Place the globe base into your image under your globe.You will need to use your "Mover Tool" to position the base. This would be the time to add any decorations or wording to your globe base. Add another Raster Layer and include any text or graphics you want with the picture. Also include a background color by creating a new layer and flood filling the background.


When you are happy with the position of the base, go to Layers...Merge all visible. Then crop your image as close to the globe as possible. This would be the time to add any decorations or wording to your globe base.

Now we need to make three copies of the above image, the easy way to do this is to go to your keyboard and press the "shift key" along with the "D" key and release. You will need to do this three times.

Select the Picture Tube icon from your tool bar and select the WhiteSparkle tube. Now place 3 sparkles into each of your 3 copies in different positions.

Name your images whatever you wish, they will need to be brought up in animation shop in the order that I placed them...image 1 2 3. Save all (3) images with .psp or .jpg extension format and place them where you can find them. You will need to bring them up in animation shop next.

Animating your Globe:

Open Animation Shop from your tool bar (File || Jasc Software Products || Launch Animation Shop.

Go to File || Animation Wizard. A dialog box will open. Leave same size as the first image and click next.

Canvas color set for transparent or opaque depending if you have a transparent background or a colored background. Click next.

Check Upper left corner of frame and check with the canvas color. Click Next.

Check Yes repeat the animation. Choose 19 (For how long you would like the frame to be displayed), then click next.

Choose "Add Image." Go to where you saved your three images and bring each one in starting with the first saved image. Then click Next then Finish. Animation Frame opens with your three images.


Now go to the top right side of your tool bar and click "View Animation." If you are happy with your animation go to File" "Save As" Name your animation. Save as a "gif" continue clicking on the "Next" button through all the windows. My finished product is shown below: