Creating Text on a Circular Path

First you're going to need a curve on which to place the text. With the Preset Shape Tool draw a circle on a new canvas. Paint Shop Pro 9's toolbar is different and the preset shapes can be chosen from a dropdown menu as shown below:

To make a perfect circle, hold down the Shift key while pulling out your circle. If your background color is turned off on the color palette you will get an outline of a circle, if the foreground is off and the background color on you will get a solid circle. Which you decide on is unimportant for this exercise as we'll be turning the vector shape off for the final result.

Add a new raster layer (Layer>New Raster Layer). Switch to the Text Tool . When you move your cursor over the image you'll notice that it changes to the Curved Text Cursor. This is the time to click. If you click to open the text dialog box while the normal cursor is showing your text will be inserted into your image as a straight line. The color palette in Paint Shop Pro 9 is also different. To select the outline (foreground or stroke), simply left click on a color in the palette dialog box. To select the fill (background or fill), simply right click on the color palette box.

Notice that my text outline is red and the fill is blue.

Most of the items in the text dialog box will be self explanatory, but there are a few items that bear explanation. Leading is the space between lines. Not only does it increase/decrease space between the lines of text, but it can be used to position text on a curve. Positive values will place the text below the line while negative values will place it above the line.

Working with text on a curve, you will eventually run into the problem where the letters will overlap each other as they bend around the curve. This is where Kerning comes in handy. Kearning is the space between the letters. Higher numbers increase the space between letters, lower numbers decrease it.

Click center align if you want your letter centered on the circle. Click apply to attach text to circle.

Cool! We've got text in a circle but we've also got that circle and we really don't want it there. Not a problem, getting rid of that line is as easy as clicking a button!

Locate the layer that contains your text and vector object. When you put your cursor on the layer, a drop down of what is on that layer will appear. As shown below, Raster 2 layer contains the circle. Delete this layer by clicking on the delete layer icon .

Click the Visibility button of the object so that it appears crossed out.

How easy was that!!!