Creating Text on a Drawn Path

Vector text can be combined with an object so that the text conforms to the shape of that object. Let's say you've got some vector text created and you decide you'd like it to be displayed on a curve, rather than straight or circular line.

Using the tool of your choice, create either a vector line object, or a shape object. Click on the pen tool on the tools palette which opens the different tools options toolbar. In the example I chose to create a curved line using the Freehand line. The benzier tool is a great tool to experiment with, however if you are new to the program, use the Freehand line. Draw a curved line on your canvas.

Make sure your background/fill properties is set to null and choose a color from the foreground/stroke box as shown below:

Click on the text tool, then click on the line. Select the font face, background, and foreground color for your text. Type out the text in your text box. Click apply to attach the text to the path. Experiment with the alignment and kerning options to get the look you want.