Picture Tube Filled Text

Open a new canvas:

Raster Background,
Background Color: White
Canvas Size: 5” X 3”
Resolution: 200,000
16 Million Colors
Foreground Color - White,
Background Color- White

Click the Text tool and apply the following settings:

Select ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ and your text will be applied to the canvas. To reposition your text, from the toolbar select the Mover tool , hover your curser over the moving white lines, shown above, and when the double headed arrows appear, you are able to reposition the text.

From the toolbar select your Picture Tube icon and select your choice of picture tube. To fill the text with a tube, simply click inside the text with the left mouse as many times as you want to fill. Try out different picture tubes, or combine different tubes, and select the size that would enhance the overall effect. Below are some of my creations.

Rose Tube.

Gem Tube.

Wreath and Rob Tube.