Water Animation Using Tubes

For this tutorial you will need the Almathera Puddle Filter. You can get it here. You can use a tube of your choice. I am using the tube below for my water animation.

First, open a new image. For this tutorial we will use the following dimensions:

350 x 450 pixels
Resolution: 72
Image characteristics: Raster Layer
Color depth: 16 million
Transparent background

Set your Foreground Color to #84A2B7, your Background Color to #E1DFDF . Now Reset your Foreground Color to Gradient by double-clicking the foreground box to open the Materials Property dialog box then select the gradient tab, and click the edit gradient radio button shown below:

This will open the Gradient Editor dialog box. Click the new button to create a new gradient with the foreground and background colors you already selected:

This will open the New Name dialog box. Type in Water, then click OK.

To determine the new gradient colors you must click on the color tab, then select the color you want. Since you have already determined your color this process will be easy. First click on the first color choice once:

Then click on the foreground color to change the first color. Notice that the blue is now reflected on that bar:

Continue with the second color. This is what you should end up with:

Click close to except the new color. Click the Foreground Background Angle 0, Repeats 2.

Click OK to close the Materials Properties dialog box.

Floodfill your image. Save it with the file name wateranimation.

I use a different approach to placing tubes on my image. First open a new image as defined above. Select the tube and place it on this new image. Then to place the tube on your wateranimation image, simply copy the tube from the new image (Ctrl + C) then click on the wateranimation image and click (Cntrl + E) to paste the new image on its own layer. Simply place your cursor at the top of the screen where you want the picture to be, then click once with your left mouse to place it. Notice that the marching ants are surrounding your picture. First you want to promote the image to a layer. To do this right click on the Floating Selection layer, then select Promote Selection to layer from the dropdown menu.

To get rid of the marching ants, simply click (Ctrl + D) to deselect the image. This is when I would double click the layers and name them. This is good practice in that it helps to keep your workspace more organized as you add to your project.

If you want to frame your image, now would be the time to do it. If you chose to do this, make sure you pick a frame that will not take away from the overall effect you are trying to achieve. I did not use a frame for this image.

Make sure your tube layer is selected and not your frame layer if you chose to use a frame. Choose your Selection Tool, rectangle, feather 2. Select the part of your image you want to look like it's in water. Include some part of your tube in the selection - how much of the tube you include is up to you. Keep the ants marching.

Duplicate your image twice (Shift + D) so you have a total of 3 images.

Got to Effects>Plug-In Filters, Almathera, A Puddle. You will not have this option if you did not install this filter from the site listed above.

The settings will vary greatly depending on the image you use. Here is a brief description of the settings:

On the first image, apply the following settings:

Hit OK. Click Selections, Select None. Save your image as waterimage1.psp.

Go to the second image and apply the filter with the following settings:

Hit OK. Click Selections, Select None. Save your image as waterimage2.psp.

Go to the third image and apply the filter with the following settings:

Hit OK. Click Selections, Select None. Save your image as waterimage3.psp.

Open Animation Shop and click on Animation Wizard. Go through the setup with the following settings:

Click on View>Animation to see how it looks. If you like the way it looks go to Save and name your image. I usually leave the settings the way they are on the second screen. Hit Next. When the optimizing is done, hit Next and you'll be shown how your image will look after PSP has optimized it for you. Hit Next. The next screen shows download times. Hit Finish and your done. My water animation is shown below: