Text on a Circular Path

Create a new image 350 X 350 with a transparent background.

On the Tools toolbar, shoose the Preset Shape Tool . On the Tool Options Palette, choose the Ellipse from the drop down list as shown below:

To make a perfect circle, hold down the shift key as you drag out the mouse. Once you have drawn out the ellipse you want to center it on the canvas. To center the ellipse select Objects>Align>Center on Canvas.

Next you will type the text that will appear on the top of the ellipse. Click the Text Tool . Set the font and size that you would like to use. Check Antialias and Floating and be sure your text is centered (See the alignment options below). Using Floating text actually makes it much easier to use if you want to add effects. I am using Elephant Font, size 16 with a 1 inch stroke as shown below:

The stroke color I chose was black and the fill a pink and black paw print pattern I made from a clipart pawprint shown below:

Click on the edge of the ellipse until you see the cursor change to what is shown below:

Left click the mouse to open the text dialog box. Type in the text you want to appear on the top of the circle. I keyed in Doc Savvey's. Play with the Offset option on the Tool Options palette to make the text closer or farther away from the actual circle. Click the apply button to place the text on the circle. My offset option is set to 0 so my text is right on the circle.

You should now have two layers, vector 1 layer that has the ellipse and vector 2 layer that has the text as shown below:

With the text still selected we will now apply effects. Go to Effects>ED>Inner Bevel:

I used the following settings at the Inner Bevel Dialog Box:

I also placed a drop shadow from the 3D effects menu with the following setting:

Deselect the text by clicking on the Control Key and the letter D. The ants around the words should disappear.

Now we are goint to put text on the bottom. First select the Shapes Tool again (the ellipse is still active) and position the cursor on the outside of the text. Draw a new vector circle, this time making it large enough that it touches the top of your text as shown below:

Now this is where the magic of getting the text to move the right way. Go to Image: Flip. You shouldn't see any real change, but the interesting thing is that when you apply text now, it will be on the INSIDE of the circle. Choose the text tool and apply the rest of your text to the second circle at the bottom as close to the center as possible as shown below. The setting should be the same as the text you applied to the top.

Apply both the 3d and drop shadow to the bottom text. Deselect this text.

Now you will get rid of both the ellipses (vector 1 and vector 2 layer). Click on the little eyeglasses next to the circles to make them disappear from view. If you're sure you won't need the circles later, you can even select each of the vector layers and then click the trashcan to remove them permanently.

This is the finished text: