Placing Graphics in the Layout

While using pictures in designing we often need to extract a particular part of the image. Basically we will remove the unwanted parts of the image with the magic wand tool and then smooth out the jagged finish with the eraser tool. This cool effect makes your pictures stand out and look really professional.

First open the graphic images of the Simpson character in Fireworks. You should have a full body shot and a head shot. I am using the same shot for both my head and body. Look at the graphic below. It needs to be cleaned up before we place it in our design. You will need to erase the background, smooth out the edges and place it on a transparent background.

Maggie Simpson

First use the eraser tool Eraser Tool to get rid of the unwanted elements in the photo.

Select the background area that you would like to delete using the Magic Wand tool Magic Wand Tool and adjust the Tolerance level and Edge as Anti-alias. Tolerance represents the tonal range of colors that are select when you click a pixel with the magic wand tool. The Tolerance level is displayed in the Properties Inspector (Window >> Properties). After selecting the area satisfactorily, delete it.

Once you have deleted the unwanted area you should check to see if the edges edges around the image are jagged or uneven. Also sometime you don't see some smudges that occurred when you erase. To do this first change your canvas color to black. This will show you what you will see when you insert your image into your design. To do this select Modify >> Canvas Color and select the custom radio button then select black. Now you will again use the eraser tool Eraser to clean up your image.

Change your background color to transparent and select Gif as the file type Index Transparency from the Optimizer drop down list.

Copy this image and paste the image to the right bottom of the layout (work space) in the background and navigation layer. Select the image and set it's Blend Mode as Multiply. The Blend Mode is displayed on the right side of the Properties Inspector. See the image below that will show where the Blend mode option will appear. After applying the Multiply Blend Mode the image will blend into the background of your layout.

Create a Custom Color Palette in Fireworks

Flash Video
Windows Video

Creating the Head Graphic:

Follow the steps above for cleaning up your graphic and copying and pasting it into the background and navigation layer. Position it on the left side of your page. It will appear below your navigational buttons.