Adding Behaviors

There are two behaviors you will add to each link:

  1. On mouse over you will show the layer associated with the link.
  2. On mouse out you will hide the layer associated with the link.

Now you will need to add behaviors to the hotspots that you added to your links. Click once on the hotspot you want to add a behavior to. The behavior we want to add is to show-hide the layer that is associated with the link. Once you click on the link you will notice on the properties panel that the link box contains a # sign. This lets you know that it is a null link. Null links are links that don't go anywhere but are needed to attach behaviors to.

Null Link

Open the behaviors palette (Window > Behaviors) and click on the plus sign to access the drop down menu. Select Show-Hide Layers.

Show Hide Behavior

Now you should see a list of layers you already created.


Click the layer you want to apply the behavior to (Home) and then click "Show" to show the layer. Click OK. The default should be on mouse over. Click the plus sign (+) again and select Show-Hide Layers again. Again select the Home layer, this time selecting "hide" from the buttons on the bottom. Click OK. Next, assign the action "onMouseOut" so when the mouse moves off the thumbnail menu option the picture will disappear.

Continue adding the show hide behaviors to the reset of your links. Make sure you are selecting the correct layer to show hide.

Add Behaviors to Links

Flash Video
Windows Video