Create Your Own Custom Color Palette:

To create your own custom color palette from scratch, at the colors palette Colors Palette (Window > Swatches) select “Clear Swatches” from the Options menu in the top right corner of the Swatches Panel to remove the current set of color swatches.

Clear Swatches\

Now you want to select the colors listed below, pink for the female characters and the blue swatches for the male characters. One way of doing this is actually creating a graphic like the one shown below with the colors you wish to load into the swatch palette.

Pink Color Palette

Blue Swatches

Select the Eyedropper tool from the Tools panel. Click the Eyedropper tool on the image to sample the desired color. To add a color swatch to the Swatches Panel, click the tip of the eyedropper in the open spaces after the last color swatch in the Swatches Panel.

To save a a custom color palette, select Save Swatches from the Options menu in the top right corner of the Swatches Panel, then choose a filename and directory in which to save the palette. I always save mine to the folder where my project files are located. The example below shows the file name pinks where I created the seven pink colors from the graphic above.

Color Palette

Once you have created your swatches you can assess them by selecting the menu and then Add Swatches.

Add Swatches

Create a Custom Color Palette in Fireworks

Flash Video
Windows Video