Creating a Simpson Character Website with Fireworks and Dreamweaver Behaviors
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

Create a Storyboard Define Your Site in Dreamweaver
Create Your Own Custom Color Palette
Layout Design - Design Your Website Header and Footer in Fireworks
Designing the Website's Background Layout with Fireworks
Designing the Website's Navigational Layout with Fireworks
Placing Graphics in the Layout
Insert Header and Footer in Dreamweaver and Format Background Color to Match
Insert Hotspots and Add Layers
Turn Layer Visibility Off
Adding Behaviors

Create a Storyboard:

Before designing a web site the designer needs to have some clear goals in mind on the actual design. A good way to get started on your website is to decide on the layout structure, colors and overall theme beforehand. First you will decide what Simpson character you will be building the website for (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie). This will determine your color theme (pink/female, blue/male). You will create this in a later activity. Also you will need to create a storyboard about your character. Your storyboard will be divided into sections, each outlining what text and graphics you will be placing on each of the following pages:

Also you will need a full body picture of your character along with a head shot. Make sure you save them to your pictures folder that you will create when you design your site in Dreamweaver. To see my two graphics click on the link below:

Maggie Simpson Website Example

Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues