Designing the Website's Navigational Layout with Fireworks

In our sample design the first vertical bar on the left will be used to place the website's navigation links. We are going to use five links such as Home, About Me, Hobbies, Friends and Family as the website's navigation links.

To create the link buttons, first draw a rectangle with the dimensions of width: 114 pixels and height: 24 pixels. Select the rectangle and set its Fill Color as none and Stroke Color as #B32D58 - #0000A6 (6th color swatch). Now duplicate (Alt + down arrow) the rectangle four times and arrange the rectangles one by one.

Button Rectangle

Take the Text Tool text tool, choose Font - Trebuchet MS, Font Size - 14, Color - #F6003D - #3330066 (2nd swatch), Font Weight - bold, font size - 2, Anti-aliasing level - Smooth Anti-Alias and write the text of the links.


See the illustration below that shows how the links are arranged.


Create Link Buttons

Flash Video
Windows Video