Creating a Simpson Character Website with Fireworks and Dreamweaver Behaviors

Title: Creating a Simpson Character Website with Fireworks and Dreamweaver Behaviors

Student Target:

I can participate in work-based learning experiences in a Web Design environment. .
I can demonstrate proficiency with file management and structure (e.g., folder creation, file creation, backup, copy, delete, open, save). .
I can describe the difference between relative and absolute path commands
I can demonstrate a working knowledge of standard file formats.
I can determine work prioritiest.
I can evaluate and select appropriate software packages to complete assigned tasks.
I can locate information on the Internet/intranet using a Web browser.
I can copy information from the Internet/intranet, save, and print using a Web browser.
I can Identify elements of a Web page.
I can describe individual Web page layouts and content.
I can define basic HTML terminology.
I can analyze HTML source code developed by others.
I can use storyboarding techniques for subsequent Web pages.
I can add graphics to Web pages.
I can use the basic functions of WYSIWYG editors.
I can develop an awareness of acceptable Web page design, including index pages in relation to the rest of the Web site.
I can describe and apply color theory as it applies to Web page design (e.g., background and text color).
I can identify and convert graphic formats.
I can use image design software to create and edit images.


Instructor's Web Based Lesson Plans:


Students will create a website for one of the Simpson characters. They will use Fireworks to create a graphic layout then will insert this graphic into Dreamweaver where they will apply show/hide layers for the web navigation. The first step will be to create a storyboard on their character where they will research the family, friends, family, and personal characteristics of their client. Students will follow the online instructions listed above on the instructor's web site and use the grading rubric to assess their own work before submitting the work for grading.


Grading Rubric found at:

State Standards:

Participate in work-based learning experiences.
Perform decision making activities.
Demonstrate proficiency using operating systems.
Demonstrate proficiency navigating the Internet, intranet, and the WWW.
Demonstrate proficiency using HTML commands.
Demonstrate proficiency in page design applicable to the WWW