Adding Animation and Transitions to Slides
Adding Animation and Transitions to Slides Grading Rubric

PowerPoint 2010 comes with enhanced transitions and animations that can make awesome animated presentations.

Adding Animations

The term animation is used in PowerPoint to describe the motions that are applied to the objects on the slides, and not the slides themselves. One object or several objects on a slide can be animated.

Animations are used to capture the audience's attention. The most popular animation choices are displayed once the Animations tab is selected on the ribbon.


So with the Animation tab selected follow the directions below:

Add Animation to the Title Slide

Click on the object -- either a text box or a graphic -- to be animated. On the title slide click the Simpsons title placeholder text.

Text Box Selected

Notice there are five animation groups; Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and Motion Paths. Hover your mouse over any animation style to see the effect on the object. This allows you to see how the animation will look without applying it. Click the more button to see more animation options


For this animation select Motion Paths Shapes.

Motion Path Shapes

The default shape is a circle. You want to change the motion path shape to a trapezoid.

Open the animation pane by clicking on the Animation pane button on the Animation ribbon.

Animation Pane

With the animation selected in the animation pane panel Animation Pane click the Effect Options then choose the Trapezoid.

Effect Options

Click on the second text box, your subtitle, on the title slide, the one containing your name. You will now apply a Loops motion path to this text. then change the motion path shape to Loop de Loop.

Loop Animation

In the animation pane make sure the second animation is selected.

Animation Pane

Drop down the Effect Options menu and select Loop de Loop.

Loop de Loop

View Animations

To view how your slide will play in the presentation click the play button in the animation pane.

Play Animation

To change the order of which objects will animated first, second, etc., click on the animation you want to move then click the order arrow at the bottom of the animation pane.

Reorder Animation

Animation Features and Timings

Click on the Animation tab of the ribbon if it is not already visible. Click on the object on the slide that you wish to apply animation settings.

To set your timing, with your animation selected in the animation pane adjust the number of seconds by changing the number of the Duration in the timing section.


For the title slide you will leave the timing at 2 seconds for both animations.

Add Animation to Simpson Trivia Slide

Go to the Simpson Trivia slide with the bullet list that is displayed in two columns.

Click in the title placeholder, then add the animation Entrance Swivel.

Animation Swival

Set the time/duration for 3 seconds.

Select the bulleted list and format it with the Split Entrance animation.

Split Entrance

Now add the effect option for horizontal out. With the animation still selected click the Effect Options button then select Horizontal Out.

Horizontal Out

Set the timing/duration to 1 second.

Now apply animations and timing to all the rest of the slides in your presentation with animations of your choice.

Add Transitions

In order to add transitions in PowerPoint slides you will use the transitions menu.

You will now set the slide options so that each slide auto advances after 15 seconds. First click on the Transitions tab then click the more button to show a list of all transitions.

More Transitions\

Check out the transitions by clicking on them to see how they appear when loading the slides. Choose the one you like.


You will apply this transition to all of your slides. You could apply different transitions to each slide but for this activity you will use just one transitions for all slides. Click the Apply To All button.

Apply to All

You can preview your transition by clicking the Preview button on the Transitions tab. A few clicks is all it takes to add a little energy and excitement to an otherwise dry presentation.


Apply Sound Transitions

Now you will apply a breeze transition sound to the title slide. With the title slide selected click the Sound button and pick Breeze for the Sound Transition.

Breeze Sound

To set the slide options so that each slide auto advances after 15 seconds place a check in the After check box and set the value to 15.00.

Advance Slides

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