Add Audio Files
Add Audio File Grading Rubric

Open The Simpson presentation. You will now insert an audio file on Homer's and Maggie's slide. The audio files are located under the audio_files folder in the student data folder you downloaded. Remember you are just adding to The Simpson presentation so you will save it with the same name.

Add Audio to Maggie's Slide

Display Maggie's slide by clicking on it in the slide view in the left pane. With the Insert tab selected click the Audio icon then select Audio from File.

Insert Audio

Navigate to your student folder and locate the audio file called maggie_daddy. Click on it to select it then press the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Audio File

Now drag the audio icon up next the the text that reads "Maggie's first word as shown below:

Drag Audio Icon

Play Audio When Clicked

You do not want the audio to play unless the viewer clicks on it. To have the clip play only after you click the sound icon, click the When Clicked button. With the audio icon selected on the slide, click on the Audio Tools Playback tab. Make sure On Click is selected.

Play Audio on Click

To hear the sound click, with the Slide Show tab selected click From Current Slide in the Start Slide Show section.

View Current Slide

Click on the audio icon to hear the sound. To exit the slide show simply click the ESC key.

Play Audio Automatically

Display Homer Simpson's slide. Again follow the directions above to insert the Audio File audio file. Drag this audio file below Homer's picture.

Audio File

Now you want this audio file to play when the slide loads, in other words automatically. With the audio icon selected on the slide, click on the Audio Tools Playback tab. This time selected .

Automatically Play Audio

Again play the current slide to hear the audio. It should play when the slide loads.

Resave the presentation with the name The Simpsons.

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