Add a New Title and Content Slide
Add a New Title and Content Slide

Open The Simpson presentation saved earlier. Since you are just adding a slide to your presentation you will resave the presentation with the same name, The Simpsons.

To create a new slide where you can add content, click the Home tab and select the more New Slide option to see a list of all available slide options..

New Slide

Select the Title and Content slide layout. Double click it to add it to your presentation.

Title and Content Slide

Clicking the the bottom half of New Slide will give you different new slide options. Double click it to add it to your presentation. You should now have a slide layout that looks like this:

Title and Content Slide

Click in the text box that reads "Click To Add Title" and type in the text "The Simpson's Achievements."

Simpsons Achievements

Click in the bottom text box and type the following in bullet list form. To create a new bullet, simply press the Enter key.

Bullet List

Change Bullet Character to a Picture

Now you are going to use a picture to replace your bullet list. The picture you will use can be found in your data files you downloaded earlier called Donut_Bullet.gif.

First select all the bullet list by dragging over it while holding down your left mouse. With the Home tab selected click the bullet button then select Bullets and Numbering.

Bullets and Numbering

At the Bullets and Numbering dialog box click the Picture button.

Picture Bullets

At the Picture Bullet dialog box click the Import button.

Import Picture

Navigate to your The Simpson Power Point Project folder and click on the graphic call Donut_Bullet t6hen click the Add button.

Add Picture Bullet

Now when you return to the Picture Bullet dialog box your donut bullet should now appear. Click on it to select it then click OK to set the donut as your new bullet.

Donut Bullet

Decrease Font Size to 20

With the bullet list still selected click the decrease font size button on the Home tab until the font size box shows 20.

Decrease font

Remove Bullets and Align Text to the Center

Select all the bullet list on the slide by dragging over them while holding down the left mouse button.

Click the bullet icon on the Home tab once to return to the original bullet list. Click again on the bullet icon to get rid of the bullets. If you had not used a picture bullet you would only have to click once to get rid of the bullets.


Click the center align icon on the Home tab to center align the text on the slide.

Center Align

Set Line Spacing to 1.5

With the bullet list still selected click the line spacing button and select 1.5.

Line Spacing

Insert Picture, Apply Washout, Place Behind Text

Insert the simpsonbackground picture (Insert > Picture). With the picture selected on the slide apply a washout color effect to it. With the Picture Tools Format tab selected click Color then choose Washout in the Recolor section.


Place the picture behind text by clicking the Send Backward button on the Picture Tools Format tab.

Send Backward

Your slide should now look like this:

Picture Behind Text

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