Add Two Content Slides
Add Two Content Slides Grading Rubric

Now you will add 5 Two Content slides displaying a picture and information on each of the five main characters. Open The Simpsons presentation you saved earlier. When you have completed this activity save it with the same name The Simpsons.

Add Two Content Slide

With the Home tab selected click New Slide then select the Two Content Slide layout.

Two Content Slide

In the title section type the first main character Homer Simpson. In the left content area click the Add Picture icon to insert homer_large graphic into the slide area.

Insert Picture

Navigate to your student folder and locate the homer_large graphic. Click Insert to place the graphic in the left content area.

Select Picture

Now click in the right content area and type in the following text, indenting as necessary using the demote and promote command in the outline pane. To demote or promote a list, in the Outline pane on the left side of the presentation click Outline.

Outline Tab

On each line you will either move the list to the right or left as indicated on the slides shown below. First you need to know how to align the list items.

How to Promote and Demote List Items

Place your cursor in the on the line in the list area you want to promote or demote..

Cursor in List Area

With the Home tab selected, to move the bullet to the right (demote) click the increase bullet list icon Demote. To move the bullet list to the left (promote) click the decrease bullet icon Promote Bullet. .

Click another list item and repeat until your slides look like the ones below:

Type in Character Information on Each Slide

Homer Slide

Add Additional Two Content Slides

Add Additional Two Content Slides for the remaining four characters as shown below, formatting the slide with a graphic and bulleted list with the demote feature.

Marge Slide

For this slide you will use the marge_large graphic.

Marge Slide

Bart Slide

For this slide you will use the bart_large graphic.

Bart Slide

Lisa Slide

For this slide you will use the lisa_large graphic.

Lisa Slide

Maggie Slide

For this slide you will use the maggie_large graphic.

Maggie Slide

Click back on the slide tab to view your slides in the left pane.

Slide Tab

Increase Font Size of Character Names

Select the character names on each slide and click the increase font size button twice on the Home tab until your font size text box reads 36.

Increase Font Size

Save your presentation.

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