Create a Custom Slide Show
Create a Custom Slide Show Grading Rubric

Open the Simpson PowerPoint presentation. Click on the Slide Show tab under the Ribbon and then under the Slide show tab, in the Start Slide Show category, click on the Custom Slide Show icon then select Custom Shows.

Create Custom Slide Show

Now a Custom Shows Window appears on the screen. In this screen click on the New tab.

New Custom Slide Show

Now a new Window called Define Custom Show appears on the screen. In this Window, enter a name for your Custom Slide Show in the space provided. You will call this slide show Simpson Characters. Next you will select the slides that you want to add to the Custom Slide Show and then click on Add Tab. The slides you want to include is the title slide and the main character slides (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie).

Slides Selected for Custom Slide Show

Now you can observe that the slides that you have selected will appear on the Slides in Custom Show window pane on the right side. Once you are done with adding the slides to the custom Slide Show click on OK. 

Now in the Custom Shows Window click on the Show tab to start a Customized Slide Show. 


Now during the Slide Show, only the selected Slides appear on the screen.

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