Create the Title Slide
Create the Title Slide Grading Rubric

Open The Simpson presentation you saved earlier.

When you first open PowerPoint, you will see a blank “slide” with a space for a title and a subtitle in two boxes. This slide is called the title slide.

Start by typing a title and subtitle: On the slide, click in the top text area (the title placeholder), which has a dashed border and the text Click to add title. The text disappears. In the title placeholder, type The Simpsons.

Click in the subtitle text box and they " Created by", press the enter key, then type "Your Name." My slide looks like the slide below:

Title Slide

Insert Picture

With the Insert tab selected Picture:

Insert Picture

Navigate to your student folder and click on the simpsonfamily_fighting graphic to insert it on the title slide.

Simpson Family Fighting

Click on the picture and drag it to the upper right side of your slide.

Picture Added

Add Picture Style

With the picture still selected you will now add a picture style. With the Picture Tools Format tab selected, in the Picture Styles section click the more button to see all the picture styles available.

More Picture Styles

Click the Soft Edge Oval picture style.

Soft Edge Oval Picture Style

You slide should now look like this:

Title Slide

Save your presentation with the same name The Simpsons.

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