Add Title and Content Slide with Inserted Chart
Add Title and Content Slide with Inserted Chart Grading Rubric

Open The Simpsons presentation. Insert another Title and Content slide after the The Simpson Achievement Slide.

Add Title

Type in the the following in the title section:

Award Title

Insert Cluster Column Chart into Content Area

Click the Insert Chart graphic icon on the slide.

Insert Chart

At the Insert Chart dialog box click the Clustered Column. Click OK.

Cluster Column

The chart will display with default data. This is what you need to edit to reflect your data you want to display.

Excel Chart Data

Enter Data in Excel

In the Excel chart you want to enter the data below, replacing the default data.

Show Data

Your chart should ow look like this:

Data Entered

Modify Chart Type to 3D Column Chart

With your chart in PowerPoint selected you will select Change Chart Type which is located on the Chart Tools Design tab.

Change Chart Type

At the Change Chart Type dialog box select the 3D column chart type.

3D Column

This is how the chart looks when the 3D column style is applied.

3D Column Applies

This is not a good representation of the data. You will now choose the chart type you used earlier. Your chart should now appear the way it did earlier.

Original Chart

Apply Chart Style 18 to the Chart

With the chart selected on the slide click the more button on the Chart Tools Design tab in the Chart Styles section.

More Chart Styles

Scroll through the charts until you find style 18.

Chart Style 18

Modify Chart Wall by Applying Water Droplet Texture

Select the chart wall by clicking in the chart area shown below. With the Chart Tools Format tab selected Format Chart select the shape fill and select Texture then the water droplet texture.

Shape Fill Texture

Chart Area

Modify the Vertical Axis To Display Numbers 1 to 30 in Increments of 2

Click on the vertical axis to select it.

Vertical Axis Selected

With the Chart Tools format tab selected Formatclick the Format Selection button Format Selection.

At the Format Axis dialog box select fixed for Minimum and set the value to 0, fixed for maximum and set the value to 30, and major unit fixed and a value of 2.

Format Axis

Your chart should now look like this:

Setting Applied to Chart

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