Insert Headers and Footers in Slides and Handouts
Insert Headers and Footers in Slides and Handouts Grading Rubric

Apply a Footer to all Slides But the 1st Page

Now you will place the footer "The Simpsons" on all the slides but slide 1. In normal view click on the Insert tab then select Header & Footer.

Insert Header Footer

At the Header and footer dialog box place a check mark beside Footer, type in "The Simpsons" and place a check in the check box beside Don't show on title slide. Click Apply to All.


Apply a Header to the Handouts

Now you will add a header that uses the date formula dddd, mm, dd, yyyy. Open the Header and Footer dialog box (Insert > Header & Footer) select the Notes and Handouts tab. Place a check mark by Date and time. Select the format shown below:


Now view your slide to see if the footer was added. To see how the handouts will look Choose File > Print.

Click the drop down arrow on the Full Page Slides button. In the Handouts section, select the number of slides to print on each page. Select 3 slides to view how the handouts will look 3 per page.

Print Handouts

Notice the date is shown in the header section of the handout.


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