Insert Sections and Section Header Slides & Adding and Deleting Comments
Insert Sections and Section Header Slides & Adding and Deleting Comments Grading Rubric

Adding Comments

There are times when you want to make a note to yourself or to someone who might be working on a presentation with you. For this activity you want to place a comment on slide a and slide 4 noting that you want to add create sections there. Sections lets you organize your slides, much like you would use folders to organize your files. You can use named sections to keep track of groups of slides, or you can assign sections to co-workers to make ownership clear during collaboration.

On slide 1 add the comment "Add section named Award's Achievements between slides 1 and 2."

With slide 1 open in the main slide section click on the Review tab to open the Review ribbon. Click New Comment.

Review New Comment

In the comment text box type "Add section named Award's Achievements between slides 1 and 2."

Comment Added

Click on slide 4 to make it active in the main slide section add the comment "Add section named Main Characters between slides 4 and 5."

Add Comment

Normal and Slide Sorter Views

Normal view is when your slides appear to the left of the main slide as shown below:

Normal View

Slide Sorter view is when all your slides appear in the viewing area.

Slide Sorter

To change views, with the View tab selected click Normal for normal view and Slide Sorter for slide sorter view.

View Slideshow

Add and Name a Sections

In either Normal view or Slide Sorter view, right-click between the two slides where you want to add a section. There are two sections to the slide show, the awards achieved and the main characters. Right click between slice 1 and slide 2.

New Section

Rename the section Awards Achieved, right-click the Untitled Section marker, and click Rename Section. Rename this section Awards Achieved.

Simpson's Achievements

You section name should now appear between slides 1 and 2.


Now insert a section between slides 4 and 5 and rename it Main Characters.

Main Characters

Add Section Header Slides

Now you will insert section header slides, on after side 2 and one after slide 4.

In normal view click on slide one in the slide view section to make slide one the active slide.


With the home tab selected insert a new header section slide by clicking New Slide then select the Header Section slide layout.

Section Header

Deleting the bottom text placeholder by clicking on it on the slide then pressing the delete key. Your slide should now have only the top placeholder.

Placeholder Deleted

Type the following in the top text placeholders:

Section Header Slide

Insert another section header slide between slides 5 and 6 that contains the text shown below and the bottom placeholder deleted.

Main Characters

Delete Comments

Now that the comments have served their purpose you will want to delete them. Return to slide 1 and click on the comment. With the comment select click the delete button.

Select Comment

Also remove the comment found on slide 5.

Remove Section Header Slides

Now you will delete the section header slides, thought being that they break up the presentation instead of enhancing it. In Slide Sorter View click on the each of the slides (Awards and Achievements & Main Characters) then press the delete button. Here is how your presentation should now look in slide sorter view. Notice that your sections are still in place but the section header slides are deleted.

Sections Shown

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