Add Title and Content Slide with Inserted SmartArt Graphic
Add Title and Content Slide with Inserted SmartArt Graphic Grading Rubric

Open The Simpsons presentation. Insert another Title and Content slide after the The Simpson Achievement Slide.

Add Title

Type in the the following in the title section:

Awards Achieved

Insert SmartArt into Content Area

Click the Insert SmartArt graphic icon on the slide.

Insert SmartArt

At the SmartArt Graphic dialog box, in the cycle selection, select the Radical Cycle.

Radical Cycle

Type in the Text

Fill in the following information using the Type your text here to enter the text. Press the enter key to add more outside circles.

Radical Cycle Info

Add and Delete Graphic Circles

Press the enter key two more times to add two blank circles to the graphic.

Added Graphic

To get rid of these boxes, simply press the Backspace key four times to erase them from the SmartArt graphic. Since the Simpsons did not win other awards you will erase these extra circles, returning the SmartArt graphic to its original state.


Change the Radical Cycle to a Segmented Pyramid Then to a Hierarchy Organizational Chart

With the SmartArt graphic selected on the slide, make sure you are on the SmartArt Tools Design tab. Click the more More Layouts in the layout section and select More Layouts.

More Layouts

At the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box click the Pyramid style and then click the segmented pyramid to change the layout of your graphic.

Segemented Pyramid

This SmartArt graphic does not represent what you want it to.


With the SmartArt graphic still selected select the Hierarchy Organizational Chart.

Organiztional Chart

This makes mor sense.


Add 3D Polished SmartArt Style to Chart

With the graphic still selected on the slide, you will add a 3D polished style to the chart. With the SmartArt Tools Design tab selected click the more SmartArt Styles arrow.

More Styles

Select the 3D Polish style from the gallery.

3D Polish

Your chart should now look like this:

3D Polished

Save the presentation again with the name The Simpsons.

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