Using the ALT Property with Image Tags

(Tutorial 3 in Textbook)

The ALT property allows you to specify text that will appear in place of your inline image. This property is important because it allows users that have nongraphical browsers to learn the content of your graphic. Alternate image text also appears as a place holder for the graphic while the page is loading. Locate the <IMG> tag for the title image. Edit the <IMG> tag as follows:

<IMG SRC="image.gif" ALT="Just Plain Stupid">

Resave your text document, then view it in your browser. You will not see any change because you are viewing this page on a graphical browser. To see if your changes have been added, place your cursor over the title image. You should see Just Plain Stupid text appear. When you take your cursor off the title image, the text will disappear.

Just Plain Stupid