Cell Alignment

Notice that all the words are aligned to the left side of each cell. The first and fourth rows will contain pictures of the gifts and it would look better to have them centered in the cell instead of flushed to the left. In the first and fourth row, change all the cell tags to read: (Do not delete your text or you will not be able to see how your alignment will look!!!)

<TD ALIGN=CENTER>Text that Appears in Cell</TD>

Save your text document and again view it in your browser. The first and fourth row text should now be centered in the cell. Repeat this with rows three and six, they will contain the price of each gift. You will use the second and fifth rows to type in the description, and you will later decide if you want it to stay flushed to the left, or centered. For now, you will leave it aligned to the left. Save your changes and again view it in your browser. All rows should be aligned to the center except rows two and five.

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