Character Tags

The tags used up to now have affected either the entire document or line. HTML also allows you to modify the characteristics of individual characters which is called a character tag. The character tags we will examine closely are classified as physical character tags which change the format of the text. The following are common examples of physical character tags.

Text appears bold
Text appears italic
Text should be used with a font like Courier that allots the same width to each character
Text will display in big font
Text will display in small font
Text is displayed in subscript
Text is displayed in superscript

To emphasis your unordered list more, you will add the bold HTML code to your document. To add character tags to the plain stupid file:

Place your cursor behind the <LI> tag and insert the <B> tag. To stop the bold command from displaying throughout your entire page, place your cursor in front of the </UL> tag and insert the end of bold text tag </B>. Save your document then view it again in your browser.

For more listings of character tags, look in Appendix C in the back of your textbook.

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