Creating a Background for Your Web Page

Depending on what you want to do will help determine what size you will need. Make sure to use pastel or light colors so viewers visiting the page are able to see your text with little difficulty. Also, making your page too busy will become annoying to those visiting and we want to keep viewers there as long as possible. When you have completed your background, save it to your student folder. For this text background I selected the text tool, the button that shows a capital A. When you click the text button, a dialog box will open. If you decide to use text, you will need to decide on a font style and color. When you have finished typing in what you want, click OK. To rotate or resize your text, select the arrow tool, select the text by clicking once on it, then select modify on your standard toolbar then choose Free Transform. When you have your background tile the way you want it:

What you think looks good on a small tile might not be at all what you thought it would be as a background. Continue to modify your background, viewing it in your browser till you get the result you want.

After you have successfully placed your background on your main page, reopen the table template page in Notepad and place your background on this page as you did above. You will now continue to modify your table by using different colors to enhance the look of your table.

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