Creating and Inserting an Image

You will now create an image to display on your page. Because your clients don't want to deal with any copyright issues, they have requested that you design an image that will represent their company. The Web only supports two graphic types for inline images: GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Of these, the GIF file format is the more common on the Web. We will first create an image in Flash that does not save files in the GIF format. You will be instructed later in this activity on how to change this image to a GIF format that compresses the size of the image file.

First, open Flash from your program files. You will first create the image below to get acquainted with the variety of drawing tools available in this program. You will then create your own image for this Web page.


You will now create your own image for this Web page activity. Start a new file in flash and experiment with other drawing features in flash to create an image that will reflect the stupid company image. Follow the directions above to convert the image to a GIF format and save it to your student folder.

With this image in your student folder, you will now place it on your Web page. You will place the image after your paragraph. Place your cursor after the closing paragraph tag and press the enter key to start a new line. The general syntax for an inline image is:

<IMG SRC="filename">

The filename is what name you assigned your image when you saved it. You will center the image on the page. You will nest the image tag within a paragraph tag and then set the alignment property to center it in the opening paragraph tag. Return to your text editor with the plainstupid file open. Make sure your image file is also in your student folder or you will have to specify the path to where your file is located, which will be discussed later. Type the following on your new line:

<P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG SRC="filename.gif"></P>

Save your document and reload it in your browser. If your image appears to be too large for the page, resize your image in Fireworks following the instructions above and resave it. Continue until you get the image the size you want.

Just Plain Stupid