Creating Links Between Documents

You will need to create a separate page for each category in Notepad and save it with a different name for each. Because your browser will be looking specifically for the name assigned, save it with a different name than your anchor or category names. For example, Gifts for Him where I assigned the anchor name Guys, I might name Men.html. You will need to center the category title on each page. (Example:<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Gifts for Him</H1>) Create six different text documents, one for each category, and save it to your student folder. Make sure you save it as one complete word and don't forget to save it as all files and add the .html extension. View them in your browser window. You should see a blank page with the title of your category centered at the top of your page. Return to your plainstupid document.

Change the line reading "<H3 ALIGN=CENTER><A NAME="anchorname">Your first category name</A></H3> to:

<H3 ALIGN=CENTER><A NAME="anchorname"><A HREF="Nameofyourhtmlpage.html">Your first category title</A></H3>

Save your work then view it in your browser. Click on your first category to see if it takes you to the page that will show the gifts for that specific category. Continue until all six categories are linked to their different pages. Continue to save your work and check it out in your browser.


Linking to Documents Found in Different Folders

To link to documents found in different folders, you must use the absolute path, which tells the computer exactly where the file is. In HTML you start every absolute pathname with a slash</>, then you type the folders' names on the computer, starting with the top most folder in the folder hierarchy and progressing through the different levels of subfolders. For more information, look on pages 2.21-2.23 in your textbook.

Linking to Documents on the Internet

To link to documents on the Internet you will need to know its URL, or Uniform Resource Locator. For example, to create a link to my Web page, you would use this HTML code:

<A HREF="">Lesson Plan Blues</A>

To Create a Link to an E-mail Address

To create a link to an e-mail address, for example:, you would enter the following into your Web document:

<A HREF=""></A>

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