Creating A Paragraph

You will now add a paragraph that will describe this business. Make sure to make it cute and snappy, because you want to keep your viewers on this Web page to shop. The HTML tags for a paragraph are <P> </P>. After the </H2> hit the enter key to go to the next line. Enter the <P> tag, then type in the description of the business followed by the closing paragraph tag </P>.

FYI: If your text is not automatically wrapping in Notepad, choose the Word Wrap command on the Edit menu. This will force the text to wrap so you can see it all on your screen. Also, you must enter the <P> </P> tags for every paragraph you enter.

Save the changes you have made. Remember to save it as all files and type in the html extension on the end. Return to your browser and reopen plainstupid.html to see how your document now looks.

Just Plain Stupid