Creating Six Categories

Go to the following Web sites and view the types of gifts this business will be selling. Your clients have instructed you that the gifts that will appear on their Web page will be the craziest items sold on the Web, however, they will only sell products that are in good taste. You will need to come up with six categories for the gifts, different from the competitors categories. Although you will be using the graphics from these sites for this activity, your site will have a totally different look and the description of the gifts will reflect your own creativity. First, come up with at least six different category labels. The wittier the better! Now you will center these categories down the center of your page using the H3 header. Place your cursor behind the end paragraph tag </P>, press the enter key, and insert the HTML code that will align your text in the center of the page with the H3 header.

Wonderfully Wacky Gifts

The Stupid Gift Shop

Save your document then open it in your browser to see the changes.

Just Plain Stupid