Adding a Colored Background to Your Table

To create colored background for a table, row, or cell, enter the following tags:





Return to you table template in Notepad, locate the table heading tag. You will now change the color of the heading. Place your cursor after the beginning table tag (TABLE ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=640 BORDER=10 CELLSPACING=5 CELLPADDING=2> and press the enter key create a blank line. Although you have specified the top of the table as a header, you must enter a TR tag to change the color. Your cursor should now be on an empty line between the beginning table tag and the table header tag. Make sure it is before the header tab. Type in the following:

<TR BGCOLOR=color>

Save your changes and view it in your browser. At this point, if you have a background you like, but the text will not show up clearly, you could use the bold tag or font color tag to change the appearance of your text. Remember, rows one and four will hold image files, so you will not need to worry about the appearance of this text. To change the font color, size or font, you must place the <FONT> tag behind your <TD> tag. Enter it in each cell you wish the changes to take place in.

Continue to change the colors in your table. Remember to make it pleasing to your viewers. If your table is too busy, it could be hard to read.

Now that you have your table the way you want it to look, you will need to delete the text that appears in each cell. For example, <TD>First First Cell, First Cell</TD> should be edited to look like <TD></TD> When you have removed all the text from your table, save it. Whew, what a lot of work but you have successfully make a template you can now copy into your other five category text documents. Open the remaining five pages and copy the table template into each of them, changing the table heading category to reflect the remaining five titles you have previously assigned to each.

Lets take a break from HTML!!! Return to the Web pages below to find the gifts you will display in your category pages. Save the images to your student folder. You will save six pictures per category, totaling thirty-six images in all. Remember that you want your table to look proportional with your pictures, so in the event your images are too small, or too large, you can change the size of them in Fireworks. Making all your images the same size would also add a more professional look to your page. Before you decide on the appropriate size, view one picture in your table and continue sizing it till it looks like you want it to. Remember, three images will be in one row, so you don't want to make the image wider than the table will hold. Another thing to keep in mind is that you also have two images per column.

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