Adding Border Color to Your Table

The first thing you will format is the border around the table. Using two different shades of the same color will give your table a 3-D border effect. You will need to find a dark and light shade of the same color that will go with your color theme. When you have the two hexadecimal values that you want to use, locate the beginning table tag (<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=640 BORDER=10 CELLSPACING=5 CELLPADDING=2>). First, place your cursor behind your beginning body tag and press enter to begin a new line. Your cursor should be under the beginning body tag and above the beginning table tag shown above. Type the following on the blank line:


With this text entered, you will now need to modify the table tag. Make the following changes to your table tag:


Save your changes and view it in your browser. Change the hexadecimal values to you get the desired result you want to achieve.

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