Table Header

Now that you have the alignment the way you want it to appear in the table, you need to turn your attention to the H3 heading on the page. It would look a lot better embedded at the top of your table and the text changed to a heading size of 2. You want the heading to appear centered across all three columns. First, delete the H3 heading, remembering the name of the category title. Place your cursor after the beginning table tag (<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=640 BORDER=10 CELLSPACING=5>), press the enter key to start on a new line, then type the following table heading tag (TH):

<TH ALIGN=CENTER COLSPAN=3><H2>Category Title</H2></TH>

Save your text document and view it in your browser. Your category title extends across the three rows and is centered in the middle. You will return to the table to add some color, but before we do this you need to decide on a color theme for your page. I have chosen a light pink for this page. You, however, will create your own design and color theme. You will need to open Fireworks from your program files.

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