Creating a Poster on the Five Areas of Interaction

Open Excel. At a new document window choose blank document.

You will need to format the page setup so that it will print out four pages that you will then glue together to make a large poster. With the Page Layout tab selected click the arrow on the Page Setup area to open the Page Setup dialog box. In the scaling area Adjust the size from 100% to 200%.

Page Setup

Then click the Margins tab and change the top, bottom, left, and right margins to .5. Set the Headers and Footers to 0:


Click OK to set the page and margin settings.

Set your zoom to 50%. This is found at the bottom right hand side of your document window:


Each square represents an 8 X 11 inch page.

Four Pages

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Type Information in Microsoft Word:

First you need to type your text into Microsoft Word so you can simply copy and paste it into your poster. The information that needs to be included in the poster is shown below:

Title: Areas of Interaction

Approaches to Learning

Health and Social Education

Community and Service

Human Ingenuity


Insert WordArt Title:

Use WordArt for your title Areas of Interaction and the major five heading of the areas of interaction.

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Insert Text Box with Descriptors:

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Add Clipart:

Read the descriptive text for each area of interaction then find a clipart picture that goes best with its theme.

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Place a Border Around the Poster:

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