Creating an Animated Sea Aquarium/Getting Acquainted with Power Point
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
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Directions: Power Point is a presentation graphics application program you use to organize and present information. Whether you are giving a sales pitch or promoting a product, a presentation graphics application can help make your presentation effective and professional. The first activity you will complete will deal with animated graphics. You will learn how to use transitions to animate objects on one slide.

PowerPoint Video Tutorials for Creating Your Under the Sea Aquarium

To open Power Point, go to "start," then "Programs", then choose "Power Point" from your list. Choose "blank presentation" from your dialog box. You will then be given several templates to choose from. Choose the "blank page" by clicking on it, then click "OK." When the slide opens, you are ready to begin adding pictures to your page. You will develop an aquarium with an ocean background color, assign transition effects to your animated graphics, and set the background music to "Jaws." Before moving on, save your presentation. Click on file, then save as. Name this presentation underthesea and be sure you navigate to your folder before clicking OK.

You will now place a background on your blank slide, follow the steps below:

To find graphics related to the ocean environment, click on the following links. Right click on the image you want, then save it to your student folder. Since we are going to use "Jaws" as our background music, a shark gif would give the page more character. Also, try to find underwater plants, bubbles, etc. to make your scene look realistic.

Free Animated Graphics

Animation Library

Animated Gif Finder

If you can not find adequate graphics at the site above, to and in the search text box, type in the type of graphic you want to find. Some example search words include animated fish graphics, animated underwater graphics, underwater mermaid graphics, etc.

Once you have collected some of your graphics, you will place them on your slide. To do this, you follow the above directions for inserting your background as a graphic. Try not to resize your image because it will cause the animation to become fuzzy. Move your images around on the page to get a good balance.

If some of your graphics have a white background and you want to make it transparent, see the troubleshooting section below.

To give your page a more realistic look, you will add transitions to some of the images to have them move across, up or down on a page. Select a fish you have currently placed on your slide by clicking once on it. You want to place the fish graphic where you want it to end up, not where you want it to start. Suppose your fish is facing right, you should place the fish all the way to the right side of the slide. Locate the custom animation on the animation effects toolbar (it has a blue arrow key pointing left) and click on it to open the custom animation dialog box. If your animation effects toolbar is not visible, click on view, then chose animation effects to open the toolbar. You will first need to check the animated slide objects box that contains the fish graphic you choose. It should be surrounded by little white boxes. Once you have put a check in the box that contains that graphic, a whole list will open for you. Depending on which way your fish are facing will determine what directions you will have them go. For example, if my fish graphic were facing to the right, I want it to swim from the left to the right. Choose crawl from the first drop down menu and from the left. To see how your transition will look, click the preview button at the top right of your dialog box. Now choose fly and see how this transitions looks on your page. You can actually have the graphic move off the page by placing your graphic off the page.


White background shows up on my fish graphics, what can I do?

You may run across some gifs this will not work on. You will just have to experiment with each graphic.

Once you have your underwater aquarium appear the way you want it, the last thing you will do is add the "Jaws" midi sound file. Right click on the sound file below and save it to your folder. Return to your power point presentation and choose insert from the standard toolbar, then select movie and sounds from the selection list, then choose sound from file. Navigate to your folder, then choose the Jaws.mid file. It will ask you if you want to play the sound automatically, select yes. A speaker should now appear on your page. You will now hide the speaker from viewers by sending it to the back, under your background graphic.

Jaws Midi Sound File

Right click on the speaker, then select order from the selection list. You want to sent the speaker icon to the back so you will choose send backward from the drop down list. Your speaker icon is now behind your ocean graphic. Save your presentation in your student folder.

FYI: If you had inserted a background instead of a gif, this would not be possible.

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