Adding the Alt and Size Tag to the Image Tag

The ALT attribute is designed to be an alternative text description for images. ALT text displays before the image is loaded (if it's loaded at all) in the major browsers and instead of the image in text-based browsers like Lynx. ALT is a required element for images and can only be used for image tags because its specific purpose is to describe images.

Also you will need to include the height and width of the image. To find out the width and height of your image you will need to open the picture up in Fireworks. At the bottom right hand side of the document you will see the height and width of the image. The first number (400) indicates the width and the second number (264) represents the height::

Size of Picture

You now need to modify your image tag to reflect the alternate text and the width and height. The syntax for my image tag is shown below:

Alt Tag

Now save your work and preview it in a browser. Place you mouse over the picture and you should now see your alt text show like the picture below:

Alt Tag