Creating a Website using HTML

Created by Patricia "Janann" Nicholson

Who said the writing HTML isn't fun!!! This 9 weeks you will be creating web pages using the text editor WordPad. This program can be found under the accessories (Start > All Programs > Accessories > NotePad). Your assignment is to design a website that caters to only the rich and famous. You will create a unique name for your website along with different graphics that will represent your website. You will be selling million dollar homes, exotic and expensive cars, yachts, and jewelry that only royalty could afford. Now that you have been given your assignment lets get started!!

Grading Rubric

Lesson Plan

Creating a Storyboard/Plan Sheet for Your Client Creating a Basic Web Page
Saving your Web Page
Creating a H1 and H2 Heading Aligned to the Center of the Page
Creating A Paragraph
Creating Four Categories
Creating an Unordered List
Bold Character Tag
Inserting a Horizontal Line
Placing a Background on Your Home Page
Change Horizontal Rule and Font Color
Create Four Additional Pages with Tables
Formatting Your Table
Center Aligning Your Picture Rows
Table Header
Add a Background and Border Color to Your Table
Entering Picture Data into Your Table
Pictures Appear the Same Size
Adding the Alt and Size to the Image Tag
Creating Hyperlinks to Your External Pages
Creating a Home Button In Fireworks
Creating Titles in Fireworks
Creating Additional Pages that Will Showcase Inside Pictures of Each Item
Creating Hyperlinks that Open in a New Window
Add a Flash Element to Your Home Page
Fun with JavaScript
Changing Font Color Using CSS
Add Different Colors to Visited/Unvisited Links
Creating a Custom Bullet

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