Creating Titles in Fireworks

Now you will replace your H1 heading on your home page with a text graphic. You will also replace your category headings on each of your four pages with a text graphic.

Open Fireworks. Create a new document around 640 X 150. The size depends on how large or small you want your text graphic. Open your background graphic in order to select the correct colors or use the colors you used for your button. The reason is so that you create a cohesive color scheme for your web site.

Import your background graphic by selecting File > Import:

Import File

Select your background graphic, click open, then click on the canvas to import it. You may have to import several of your backgrounds in order to cover the whole title background. Below are my background image imported three times to cover the entire background of my canvas.

Background Imported

Create another layer by clicking the add layer icon on the layer panel.

New Layer

Click on the text tool Text Tool then click on the canvas and type out your text, in this case the name of your business. To change the font face, color, and size, select different option found on the Properties Panel located at the bottom of your document window. If you do not see this open click Window and select Properties Panel to open it.

Text Options

Make sure you try out different stroke options. To do this with your text selected click the down pointing arrow by the pencil icon, then click on Stroke Options to open the Stroke Options dialog box.

Stroke Options

At the dialog box you have several options:

Stroke category options:

Stroke Categories

Stroke Name:

Stroke Name

Stroke Color:

Stroke Colro

Stroke Textures:

Stroke Textures

Below are my stroke options:

Stroke Options

Now you will preview it, select a image format, and save it to your folder. First click File and select Image Preview:

Image Preview

Drop down the format box and preview the file in gif and jpeg format. Select a format then click export to save it to your student folder.

File Format

Now you need to replace your H1 header on your home page with this graphic. Your notepad with the H1 header looks like this:

H1 Heading

And your web page should look like this:

H1 Heading

Replace it with an image tag aligned to the center:

Title on Page

Now your website should look like this:

Title on Page

Repeat this process with your four additional pages, replacing the H1 heading in the table header. Remember to add the alt and size tags to your image tag!!! (alt="Money Madness!!" width="620" height="250" )