Create Four Additional Pages with Tables

You will now create four additional pages that will contain the picture and description of your products.

First you must open a new NotePad and enter the syntax for a basic webpage. If you don't remember how to do this click here to refresh your memory. Remember to include a title that describes your page (Million Dollar Homes, Expensive Cars, Yachts, Jewelry) in the head section. You will see the title highlighted in blue below.

You will include a table on each page that will be used to hold your information in place. Place your cursor between the beginning (<body>) and ending (</body>) body tag and type in the information highlighted yellow below.

Insert Table

Save your work and view it in a browser. Your page should look like the one below:

Unformatted Table

You will create four pages in all; Million Dollar Homes, Expensive Cars, Yachts, and Jewelry.

It doesn't look much like a table at this point. In the next section you will format the text so that it resembles a table.