Creating Additional Pages that Will Showcase Inside Pictures of Each Item

For each of your pictures you will create a page that displays the inside of your home, yacht, and cars. For your million dollar home page you will have six additional pages with three pictures of the inside of each home on each page.

To create another page open a new notepad. Type in the code for a web page with a table that has two rows, a header, and three columns for your home page. Your car and yacht page will display a table with two rows, a header and two columns. You will not have additional pages for your jewelry page.

On your home, car and yacht page make sure you create a graphic that will display in your table header.

The inside pictures will appear on the first row and the description of the pictures will appear in the second row. Make sure you include a title in the head section, the background graphic, a solid background color your table. You do not need to include a home button because you will create a hyperlink that will open in a new window.