Saving your Webpage

Now you need to save your document as a html document not a text document. To do this click File and select save as:


At the Save as type drop down the menu and choose all files. This will keep it from saving as a text document.

Save as All Files

Make sure that you then navigate to your desktop folder in the Save in text box (Yours will display your student number shortcut):

Save In

Then give give it a name with the extension .html. Rules for saving for the web. No spaces between words and only use the underscore ( _ ) key. Example:

Name of your Website

Once you have saved it to your student folder, open your folder from the desktop and you should now see a html document. To open it just double click on it to open it in a browser.


At this point you will only see a blank page but on the blue title bar at the top of your browser you should see your title. My example below shows a web page with the title "Creating a Basic Web Page."

Web Page Title