Creating a Christmas Village in Fireworks
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Creating a Christmas Village Video

Step 1:

  • Click on the links below to open the Christmas coloring sheet. Once you find the ones you want to use you will need to copy them to your folder.
  • Right click on the picture and select Edit>Copy.
  • Go to Fireworks, then click File>New, then Edit>Paste.
  • Open all of the pictures in Fireworks that you want to use following the directions above.


Step 2:

First you will want to place the picture on a transparent background. Click the magic wand , then click on the white background to select it then press the delete key. If it does not turn transparent, check the canvas color property (Modify>Canvas Color) and make sure transparent is selected. Deselect by clicking Ctrl + D. With the picture open in Fireworks, click on the part you wish to color with the magic wand. This will place marching ants around that area you with to color. Select the fill tool and at the fill panel (Window>Fill) look at the different options you have available:

Once you have selected the fill option you want, simply pour the selection into the selected area. You can even put an effect such as an inner bevel on it to make it appear to be 3D (Window>Effects). In order to apply an effect, with the selection still collected, copy it and paste it on another layer. You now can apply a inner bevel to it. Click back on the original picture layer and select another area to color. Continue selecting, copying, pasting, and then applying an effect to the object until it is complete. Save it to your folder. Continue coloring the rest of your Christmas village pictures.

Step 3:

Start a new document 1250 X 1250. Begin opening the colored pictures you want to use in your Christmas village. Drag the pictures onto the 1250 X 1250 document, making a new layer for each image. Arrange, resize, etc. until you get the Christmas village the way you want. The best Christmas village will appear below:

Santa's Village Designed By:


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